Nov 7 2019

Beginners Investing – Learn to trade stocks, investing investing.

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Beginners Investing

Investing investing

Get information about the world s most popular online investing course to learn how to invest

Investing investing

Practice Trading

We review the best and most popular stock market simulators so you can practice paper trading without risking your money!

Investing investing

Get Expert Advice

The beginners investing course was written by investment professionals with over 20 years of investing experience. There tips for trading stocks, bonds, options, and more!

Investing investing

Used By The Top Business Schools

Yale, MIT, Cornell, and The University of Chicago are just some of the scholastic giants who have used these investment education solutions in their classrooms!

Learn To Trade

Stock Market Investing

Take a look at the most popular online investing courses

You probably have heard that the stock market is the best place to invest your money over the long term. Depending on what article you read, investing in the U.S. stock market has averaged returns of 8 to 11% over a long term basis. That compares to 3 to 6% for bank savings accounts, gold, and even real estate.

So if you are under the age of 80 and you haven’t started investing in the stock market–NOW is the time.

Would you like to start making money in the stock market? Investing in the stock market can be pretty intimidating if you are just getting started. As an experienced investor, I can tell you the first thing you need to do BEFORE opening a brokerage account is to educate yourself. There are plenty of free sites out there, like the Education Center at and, but those sites are very basic and just give definitions of key terms. The best thing to do is to shell out a few bucks and take a course written by someone who has stock market investing and trading experience. It should be obvious–Spend a few bucks to make you a better investor from the start. When you invest your real money in the stock market you don’t want to learn by trial and error–you will most likely loose your money. Spending that a few bucks at the begging will probably be the best investment you ever make!

The Best Way to Begin Investing

Investing investing is by far the best investing course I have came across. It includes tons of useful features and tools to learn everything you need to know as a new investor. Since it is modeled after a college level course, the content is divided into ten information-packed chapters. These chapters are filled with easy to read content, lots of pictures and graphs, and very interesting personal trading successes and failures of the author, Mark Brookshire. Plus you get a free virtual trading account with $100,000 play money to practice researching, buying, and selling stocks.

Investing investingUntil the end of this month, readers of this blog can get a full 50% off the Investing 101 course with the coupon code ‘BEGINV50‘ !

Not sure if you need INVESTING 101?

You can take their FREE STOCK MARKET IQ TEST to find out!

Investing investing

Learn by Doing

One of the things that makes this course so valuable is once you get the basic terms and concepts down, you’ll actually start trading with their virtual stock game. You will learn how to look up ticker symbols, how to read and interpret a stock quote page, and everything that goes along with actually trading. By practicing investing in this game environment, you’ll risk no actual money. You can feel confident trying out new strategies and making mistakes because it is all virtual, none of your cash is at risk.

“ offers the most complete and practical stock market course on the Internet. Thanks again! ” Christine V., Chicago, IL

Learn About your own Personal Trading Style

It’s at this phase of the course that you’ll learn about your own personal trading style. Some traders are comfortable with a riskier portfolio because they count on being able to overcome dips in the value of their portfolio over time. Others are more comfortable with stable investments and stocks. You’ll see how to to diversify in your portfolio and come up with a smart trading strategy that fits your needs and your style.

“I must admit that using has really increased my aptitude for trading stocks. It’s an unbelievable stock market simulation that I highly recommend!” Giorgetteg., Santa Monica,Ca

Learn Valuable Tips

Don’t think that this course just spits out terminology and facts at you. The author, Mark T. Brookshire, also gives you important tips to keep in mind while trading. He has over 30 years of experience trading in the stock market, and his personal finance and stock market simulations are used at top U.S. universities. He will tell you how to select a good investment broker and what to look out for when choosing one. He will help you decide when to cut your losses and sell a stock that keeps falling by teaching you exit strategies.

So once you’ve gained all of this knowledge and started trading, how do you know which stocks to buy? The answer is fundamental analysis, covered in this course. You’ll be able to understand earnings and cash flow statements. One aspect of this is Earnings per Share, or EPS. This is a formula used to calculate the value of a stock. You will find how to calculate the EPS of companies and compare them, along with other factors, to gauge the value of the stock and whether it is a good choice in your investing strategy

“ Mark’s tips really made the difference in developing my trading strategy. ” Mike C, New York NY

Practice, Practice and Practice

At the end of each of these 10 chapters you will have a 10 question quiz, a list of recommended exercises, suggested further reading, and a glossary to help you review the key terms covered in each chapter. This course keeps a running tally of your chapter quiz scores so you can see how well you are doing. Don’t be afraid of the quizzes–they are there to help track your progress and you can always go back and take the chapter quizzes again until you get a perfect 100%.

After you complete this online stocks course, you will receive all 200+ pages in a nice download as a PDF eBook. This stock trading course will give you a solid foundation of investing knowledge. will also give you a free 101 Stock Investing Tips eBook when you sign up.

Support Forum

Many people agree that the best way to learn is from your peers, so has set up a Support Forum to ask questions, share knowledge and learn from other investors. And this course isn’t just a faceless web interface for you to learn from — Mark Brookshire (Stock-Trak founder, stock market educator and investor for over 20 years) offers email support to all students. If you’re not sure how great an online course can be, offers a 7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

“ The discussion forums really set this course apart. I haven’t come across another community as active, informative engaged as this one. Thank you Investing 101! ”. Erin H, Los Angeles CA

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